In all that we do, we believe that it is important to convey the emotions and memories of each wedding for generations to come. We believe that each story is worth being told.

We do this with timeless and beautifully-designed albums which appeal to all the senses on every page. These albums will be passed on throughout generations.

We love to tell stories.

It is a quite unique experience to relive the most beautiful moments of probably the most emotional day of your life which have been summarised in a beautiful album.

We can still very precisely remember the day when we held our own album in our hands for the first time. At this very moment, we understood how important it is to relive your own story through the album and to share it with the persons who are dearest to you. The compilation of the moments which we had experienced in an album brought us and our families for a brief moment back to our special day.

Again and again, we realise that a special moment on its own can be overwhelming and emotional, but has a much greater effect when it is embedded into your own personal story.

When looking at the photos in an album, your perception is quite different than on a monitor – you look at the photos longer and feel like you have actually been taken back to that moment. And suddenly you tell a story about the individual photo. What you felt, what was going through your mind – you remember the experience.

Our wedding albums are produced in Italy and are captivating owing to their timeless and elegant design. Each album and the case it comes in are individually-designed and refined by hand. Through the crease-free binding of the pages, the effect is unbelievable when looking at particularly panoramic photos. High-quality materials are used so that each album can be passed on as a family heirloom to future generations. You are heartily invited to hold such an album in your hands and convince yourself of it.

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