We are Olga & Rosario, a couple of wedding photographers from Essen and available worldwide. We have been a couple since 2007. In August 2015, we realised the dream of our own wedding and married on the Latium coast between Rome and Naples surrounded by our family and friends.

Since we met each other, we have shared the same passion – photography. A wedding has something magical in and of itself. There are the big moments, but above all things, the small moments which, at the time, are not obvious, but remain unforgettable. We love to be surrounded by people who run the emotional roller coaster of feelings of joy, laughter and tears. Your wedding day should be nothing less than magical. We are there in order to capture it forever for you.

We are family-oriented people, family means everything to us. We are very happy that we have formed our own little family. To record the story and the uniting of two families from which a new family is created means a lot to us.

Olga is a creative and visual person. She has an eye for detail. Thus, her patient streak is quite beneficial. She always succeeds in maintaining her composure – even in complex situations. She always has a helpful tip or two for our bridal couple – precisely when it concerns the preparations for the respective weddings.

Rosario is a self-taught person. He loves to immerse himself in various themes and understand them down to the smallest detail as well as then master them. In so doing, he repeatedly obtains new ideas and inspirations which do not come from just photography. He has a great passion for espresso. Thus, for example, he prepares a traditional espresso from a hand-lever machine. We can’t start our day together without a good espresso.

We look forward to travelling – not just getting to know the country we are visiting, but rather also interesting people from diverse cultures. Personally, we thus also repeatedly acquire new insights which expand our life perspective. Not too long ago, we discovered how much we enjoyed travelling – triggered by our honeymoon in Thailand and Myanmar. Two truly magnificent countries with fabulous and open-minded people. This trip really opened the eyes of both of us and reminded us once again of how important it is “to be happy” and to do what is fulfilling to you!

We love being surrounded by our closest people – this naturally includes our families and our friends. Our circle of friends is multi-cultural and personally-enriching.

We look forward to hearing from you, getting to know you and enjoying a delightful espresso, coffee or glass of wine together.

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